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AI Revolutionizes Mapping Updates and Accuracy in NGA Partnership

In a current partnership with NGA that commenced in July 2022 and runs through January 2024, the company is developing global mapping and change monitoring even faster and with greater detail.

U.S. and International Partners Release Advisory Warning of China’s State-Sponsored Cyber Activity

By using legitimate network administration tools, the actor blends in with normal system and network activities and avoids identification by many endpoint detection and response products.

CISA, FBI, NSA, MS-ISAC Publish Updated #StopRansomware Guide 

With industry and interagency partners in the Joint Ransomware Task Force, CISA, FBI, NSA and MS-ISAC are working to reduce the prevalence and impact of ransomware attacks.

IARPA Kicks Off New Research Program to Detect Changes in Movement Patterns

Expansive data from the Internet of Things and Smart City infrastructures provides opportunities to build new models that understand human dynamics at unprecedented resolution.

IARPA Pursuing Breakthrough Biointelligence and Biosecurity Innovations

The program aims to create technologies that enable biological material attribution and/or origination and new sensing modalities for austere environments and living systems.

Making Data Analysis More AGILE

AGILE’s goal is to create computer architectures that can handle the IC and DoD’s large-scale data-analytic applications and other classes of data-intensive applications.

U.S. Air Force Academy Wins NSA Cyber Competition

Now in its sixth year, the NCX is a year-round program that culminates with a three-day, unclassified cyber competition that advances strategic cybersecurity goals.

ODNI Releases 10th Annual Intelligence Community Transparency Report

FBI’s Section 702 U.S. person query statistics are shown in this year’s ASTR using a new methodology that more closely aligns with how other agencies count such queries.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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