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Latest From the Inspector General


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OIG Questions FEMA’s Fund Management for Hurricane Maria as Fiona Cleanup Begins

OIG found that FEMA did not require six nonprofit organizations to provide supporting documentation for actual costs.

Millions in Potentially Fraudulent LWA Payments Linked to DHS Employees’ Identities

The watchdog found 2,393 claims linked to DHS employees’ identities, totaling $3.3 million in LWA payments.

OIG: FEMA’s Management of Mission Assignments to Other Federal Agencies Needs Improvement

OIG concluded that FEMA does not have adequate visibility into how other federal agencies ultimately used more than $8.3 billion in obligated funds for COVID-19 missions.

OIG Calls for Improvements to Visa Security Program Screening and Vetting

OIG could not verify that CBP had fully screened every application, and found some in which analysts did not sufficiently support their conclusions.

OIG: Border Patrol Prevented Serious Criminals from Entering the U.S. But Could Strengthen Processes

The U.S. Border Patrol followed its screening procedures to prevent migrants with serious criminal backgrounds or individuals on the terrorist watch list from entering the United States, the Office of Inspector General has found.

OIG Finds Inconsistent Pandemic Response Data Collection and Controls at FEMA

OIG said FEMA does not always maintain data at the local level.

OIG: Body Camera Policy Not Finalized Despite Years of Use

The Department of the Interior has never issued a finalized body camera policy, even though its bureaus have been using body cameras since at least 2016, the Office of Inspector General says.

OIG Finds Limited Cooperation in DHS Component and Law Enforcement Training

OIG said components are not always aware of other DHS components’ research, purchases, capabilities, or availability of law enforcement virtual training simulators. 
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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