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Latest From the Inspector General


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OIG Praises USCIS Response to Pandemic Working Restrictions

On March 18, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, USCIS temporarily closed its offices and halted in-person services. 

OIG to Assess Transportation Employee Verification Cards

OIG says there is an elevated risk that prompt and appropriate PIV card collection and deactivation did not occur during the pandemic.

OIG: DHS Has Improved Cybersecurity Collaboration With DOD But Gaps Remain

OIG said DHS needs an implementation plan that identifies milestones and progress to help it effectively protect the nation’s critical infrastructure. 

OIG Issues Annual Report Card on DHS Challenges and Progress

On critical infrastructure, OIG said DHS is improving coordination efforts and outreach to a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

OIG: DHS Has Improved Drug Interdiction Efforts

Illicit drug trafficking into the United States can occur by mail, air, and other means, but typically occurs across land and maritime borders. 

Audit Finds Weaknesses With DHS’ Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

Material weaknesses in internal control were found in information technology controls and information systems, and financial reporting.

OIG Investigates 2018 Death of ICE Detainee from Russia

The ICE Detainee Death Report cited there were no violations of detention standards that directly contributed to the individual’s death, but areas of concern were noted regarding his medical care, safety, and security.

OIG: FEMA Did Not Always Accurately Report COVID-19 Contract Data

OIG found that FEMA mislabeled the competitive status of approximately 33 percent of contract actions and also did not accurately report more than four percent of contract actions as COVID-19-specific.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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