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Transportation Security

TSA Holds First Drone Response Training Outside U.S. Since COVID

The threat of drones is on the rise, and TSA is tackling the threat head-on, not only here in the U.S., but around the world.

Eyes on the Future, TSA Demonstrates Potential for Open Architecture

As TSA looks to the future of passenger screening and more rapidly responding to emerging threats, the agency is becoming increasingly innovative.

Man Arrested After Joking About TSA Missing Bomb in Bag at Florida Airport

A man from Reno, Nevada was arrested at a Florida airport on Saturday after deputies said he joked that Transportation Security Administration agents missed a bomb in his bag.

TSA Discovers Two Firearms in Three Days at Security Checkpoint

Officers with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) have intercepted two guns this week during routine X-ray screening of carry-on luggage at the security checkpoint.

50 Passengers Brought Firearms to TSA Checkpoints Across Mississippi

A record number of passengers brought firearms into the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints across the state of Mississippi last year.

GAO: Enhancing Surface Transportation Security

In the evolving landscape of transportation security, the U.S. surface transportation system has emerged as a prime target for cyber threats and other potential risks.

How Russian Stowaway May Have Flown From Denmark to LA Without Ticket or Passport

A Russian man who was found guilty of sneaking onto a Denmark to Los Angeles flight in November without a ticket or passport was neither the first nor the last to attempt such a scheme, a former federal security director at LAX told The Post.

Opinion: Artificial Intelligence Impacts Airport Security Systems and Personnel

The dramatic growth of Artificial Intelligence undoubtedly is changing world behavior, both technically and virtually.

TSA Historian Presents: Improvised Explosive Devices

Have you ever wondered about the rationale behind removing your shoes or emptying your water bottles during airport security screening?

TSA Officers Detect Second Firearm at Boston Logan International Airport

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers stopped a woman from carrying a loaded firearm onto an airplane at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) on Tuesday, February 6.

Why Does TSA Care About Your Electric Toothbrush (Lithium ion) Battery?

Numerous incidents on airplanes have had Transportation Security Administration Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) on high alert about an exceedingly common item: Lithium (Li) ion batteries.

Naked Passenger Strolls Through Fort Lauderdale Airport

On Monday a naked man strolled through the Fort Lauderdale airport and proceeded up to TSA security screening.

TSA Officers Detect Bangor International Airport’s First 2024 Firearm

During the morning security screening on Monday, February 5, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers immediately notified Bangor Police after detecting a firearm in a male passenger’s carry-on bag.

Travel Tips for Chiefs Fans Flying to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII

Football fans planning to head to Las Vegas to cheer on the Chiefs can fly like winners if they follow a few travel tips before their flight to the big game and back home with their stash of Super Bowl souvenirs.

TSA’s Vision for a Connected Security System Using Open Architecture

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is embarking on a visionary journey toward a seamlessly connected transportation security system.

TSA Catches Two Guns in One Day at Philadelphia International Airport

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at Philadelphia International Airport prevented two individuals from bringing their handguns onto their flights on Sunday, Jan. 28.   
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