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Leader of Oath Keepers and Florida Chapter Leader Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy in U.S. Capitol Breach

Three additional defendants, who were leaders and associates of the organization, were found guilty of related felony charges.

FBI Conducts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Redstone Arsenal for the North Campus and Operations Building

The FBI’s goal for the North Campus is to foster innovation and produce actionable intelligence to aid in FBI investigations.

DOJ Announces $160 Million to Support Forensic Science

The grant awards will support crime laboratories, fund forensics research, decrease DNA backlogs and help investigators locate missing persons and identify human remains.

DEA: 6 Out of 10 Fentanyl-Laced Fake Prescription Pills Now Contain a Potentially Lethal Dose

These pills are largely made by two Mexican drug cartels, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco (CJNG) Cartel, to look identical to real prescription medications.

FBI Identifies Suspect in Threats Targeting Historically Black Schools

More than 50 HBCUs, houses of worship, and other faith-based and academic institutions across the country have received racially motivated threats of violence this year.

Cynthia Ferguson Appointed Director of the DOJ Office of Environmental Justice

The department also announced that Deputy Chief Daria Neal will serve as the Civil Rights Division Liaison to the Office of Environmental Justice.

Justice Department’s Procurement Collusion Strike Force Announces Four New National Law Enforcement Partners as it Enters its Fourth Year

The offices have proven to be invaluable partners through their track records of working with the PCSF and the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division.

Buffalo Man Charged with Throwing Brick at FBI’s Window

The complaint says that Smith stated to Buffalo Police Officers that he did this “get the FBI's attention.”
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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