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Two Sinaloa Cartel Associates Sentenced for Importing Thousands of Kilograms of Narcotics

As the defendants flooded the United States with dangerous and addictive substances, they and other members of the Cartel made millions of dollars. 

Pennsylvania Man Who Attacked Officers with Pole Sentenced for Jan. 6 Role

Mink used a baseball bat to shatter a window in the Capitol Building, entered the building through that broken window, and started removing property including chairs.

Leader of Houston-Based Drug Trafficking Organization Pleads Guilty to Leading Large-Scale Meth Conspiracy

Mecina Barrera was the leader of an international narcotics importation and distribution organization that imported hundreds of kilograms of crystal and liquid methamphetamine from Mexico.

New Hampshire ‘Veteran Sniper’ Arrested and Charged with Threatening to Kill a U.S. Senator

When investigators interviewed Landry, he admitted to having called the Senator’s office but did not initially recall exactly what he said in the voicemail.

‘One of the First’ to Assault Law Enforcement Line on Jan. 6 Found Guilty

As officers attempted to clear the Upper West Terrace, Thomas rushed to the head of the line of rioters and twice threw himself into an MPD officers while yelling to the rioters “hold the fucking line.”

Chicago Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Leading Cocaine Conspiracy

Agee was the undisputed leader of a large-scale drug trafficking organization that was responsible for bringing at least 50 kilograms of cocaine from Chicago to Madison between 2014 and 2020. 

Former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer Sentenced for Willfully Retaining Top Secret National Defense Information

Birchum possessed two documents on a thumb drive found in his home that contained information relating to the National Security Agency’s capabilities and methods of collection and targets’ vulnerabilities.

Founding Member of New York’s Largest Latin Kings Set Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison

Mateo founded the Black Mob in 2002 and then grew the gang into the largest Latin Kings set in the New York area with a power base built on massive amounts of drug trafficking and a reputation for violence. 
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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