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GAO: Agencies Face Challenges in Countering the Illicit Use of Virtual Currencies in Human and Drug Trafficking

Virtual currencies, such as cryptocurrencies and virtual assets, are increasingly used in human and drug trafficking.

GAO Reviews Strategies Deployed by Transnational Criminals and Efforts to Combat Trafficking

The report examines money laundering strategies of transnational criminal organizations and terrorists and information-sharing efforts among federal agencies to combat trafficking.

GAO Praises Privacy Oversight for DHS Contractors But Gaps Remain at USCG and TSA

DHS has developed various policies to ensure that its contractors protect PII. These policies include providing privacy training, and overseeing IT systems operated by contractors.

GAO Finds Agencies Are Taking Steps to Improve Future Use of Defense Production Act Authorities

Companies told GAO that the use of the DPA gave them timely access to raw materials and supplies and helped them expand production.

GAO: Agencies Should Improve Reporting and Review of Less-Lethal Force

GAO notes in its December 15 report that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is the only agency without a less-lethal force policy that applies to demonstrations.

GAO: Certain Populations at Higher Risk of Pandemic-Related Behavioral Health Effects

As of November 2021, the federal government awarded over $8 billion in COVID-19 relief funding for behavioral health.

GAO Finds Lack of Coordination on Federal IT Guidance

For fiscal year 2021, 26 federal agencies reported 7,806 information technology (IT) investments on the federal IT Dashboard, a public website that OMB launched in 2009.

GAO: Technology Modernization Fund Costs More to Run Than It Collects in Fees

One of the seven new TMF projects is the Department of Homeland Security’s Southwest Border Technology Integration Program.
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