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DHS S&T Tests Innovative Air Domain Awareness Technology

Tests determine how effectively each can monitor, safeguard, and secure our northern border and surrounding terrains and airspace.

Draft California Fire Code Includes NIST Tool to Evaluate Wildfire Hazard

By specifying high-priority information for community leaders to collect and consolidate, the framework will serve as a tool for improving planning and emergency response.

HST Interview with Stephanie Jaros, Director of Research, DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program

September is Insider Threat Awareness Month - please join HSToday for an exclusive interview with Stephanie Jaros, Director of Research, DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program...

NIST Announces Tech Collaborators on NCCoE Zero Trust Project

The proliferation of cloud computing, mobile device use, and the Internet of Things has dissolved traditional network boundaries.

DHS Launches National Climate Resilience Prize Competitions

The first incentivizes American innovators to find new ways to better protect people at risk of heat-related illness or death during extreme heat events or in connection with other disasters.

Researchers Develop Drone Path Predictor to Tackle Threats to Airport Security

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge in the U.K., used a combination of statistical techniques and radar data to predict the flight path of a drone, and whether it intends to enter a restricted airspace, for instance around a civilian airport.  

Join DHS S&T’s Insights Outreach Webinar on October 5: R&D Addressing DHS Missions

You will hear from S&T’s Office of Requirements and Analysis, the DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office, and Industry Partnerships.

NECP Webinar: Planning for Emerging Communications Technologies

Innovative technologies are rapidly evolving the way we share information. In emergencies, we are able to leverage groundbreaking emergency communications advancements to achieve faster,...
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