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Hector Santiago
Dr. Hector Santiago entered civilian government service after serving in the US Army for almost nine years. Starting his post-military career in 2006, Dr. Santiago has since worked throughout the intelligence community with a specialty in cyber threat analysis and telecommunications infrastructure security. He is currently the lead for Data Analytics Programs at the DHS Intelligence & Analysis Cyber Mission Center.

The Need for Speed to Respond to Ransomware in Tomorrow’s Money System

Time is the most merciless adversary of the cybersecurity professional, especially with this hack.

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How One Malicious Cyber Move Could Send the U.S. Justice System into Crisis

A malicious actor would wait to hold onto invaluable info from a hack and never repeat the compromise process.

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PERSPECTIVE: Characterizing Adversarial Capability in Cyberspace Before Taking Action

To defeat adversaries in the cyber domain, defeat their ability to incentivize others or limit the effectiveness of cyber actors.

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PERSPECTIVE: The Most Misused Word in Intel and Implications for Cybersecurity

A lack of analytical rigor for ID of true indicators may include total belief in a connection where none exists.

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Is an Organization’s Need for a Cyber Army Just an Indicator of Resource Mismanagement?

Look at prior choices to exempt all relevant stakeholders from the responsibility of addressing shortcomings until too late.

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