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Julia Bonfiglio
Julia Bonfiglio is currently a senior at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and an intern at Homeland Security Today. She is studying communications with a focus in journalism and a minor in art history. Bonfiglio previously interned in Sydney, Australia for a company called, OnSport. She has also written for her school publication, Flyer News for the past three years. Bonfiglio was also published in a journal for beginning student writing that recognizes outstanding work created by students in the writing program at the University of Dayton. She enjoys travel and has a dual Italian citizenship.

Report: The Growing Lethality to Air Force Mission-Critical Electronics

An unclassified summary released by The National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, discusses the risks and solutions associated with the Air Force’s electronic systems.

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America’s Data at Risk as Agencies Fail to Comply with Basic Cybersecurity Standards


A new report by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations takes an in-depth look into agency cybersecurity and calls for action to address vulnerabilities.

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NIST Highlights Gaps in IoT Cybersecurity at Agencies and Organizations

The full scope of IoT is vast, rapidly evolving and expanding. This inherent complexity makes understanding IoT and the cybersecurity and privacy risks involved vital.

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Women in the Islamic State: Why Would They Support It?

A report released by Europol’s European Counter Terrorism Centre aims to delve into the multi-dimensional phenomenon of propaganda within the Islamic State and further explain the exact roles of women, as well as the means used to gain their active and voluntary participation.

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