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Joanna Mendelson

Joanna Mendelson has been part of ADL for over two decades, serving on their national team, as Associate Director for the Center on Extremism, which combats extremism, terrorism and all forms of hate in the real world and online. To date, she has trained more than 12,000 federal, state and local law enforcement officers, judges and public officials nationwide on extremism and domestic terrorism related issues. She is a certified subject matter expert and has provided testimony in numerous criminal cases involving extremism. In partnership with her COE colleagues and law enforcement partners, she has helped thwart potential extremist attacks against Jews and other vulnerable communities. Additionally, Ms. Mendelson authored, then testified and successfully lobbied in favor of legislation addressing paper terrorism tactics used by sovereign citizens. She frequently represents ADL on national and international media outlets, including CNN, the BBC and CBS. Follow her on Twitter at @jo_mendelson
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