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John Oldfield

John Oldfield is CEO at Accelerate Global, LLC, advising non-profit, corporate, and government clients in their efforts to rapidly and sustainably accelerate progress toward water, health, security, climate, gender, and environment goals. He was most recently the Managing Principal at Global Water 2020 and is an internationally recognized advocate for global water security. He has testified before the U.S. Congress several times and has been published and interviewed in The Hill, Forbes, NPR, New Security Beat, Circle of Blue, The Guardian, and Inside Philanthropy. He has spoken at the National Defense University and several colleges and universities, and addressed the Skoll World Forum, Clinton Global Initiative, Rotary International, CEO Water Mandate, and more. Previously, John was the CEO of Water 2017, encouraging the entire U.S. government to elevate and integrate global water security across the U.S. foreign policy and national security architecture. John has developed and disseminated strategic policy, personnel, and programmatic recommendations for the President, National Security Council, federal agencies, Congress, and private-sector stakeholders. He also successfully influenced the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2020, requiring the U.S. intelligence community to “report on the implications of water insecurity on the national security interests of the United States.” @JohnforWater
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