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Michael A. Echols is a senior cybersecurity executive and critical infrastructure protection strategist working with senior corporate leaders and government officials to make the nation more resilient. He is leading a revolution to stand-up and support Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAO). As such, Mr. Echols leads a global effort to harmonize cyber threat information sharing. Previously, Mr. Echols managed cyber resiliency programs for the Department of Homeland Security while assisting in the advancement of risk reduction. As the point person for the rollout of President Obama's EO 13691, he developed a national program for ISAOs. At DHS, Mr. Echols chaired activities optimizing national programs, cybersecurity strategy, interagency coordination, public safety and counterterrorism across federal agencies and the private sector. Mr. Echols Chaired the Communications Sector, IT Sector and managed the President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. Mr. Echols' leadership has resulted in value creation and models for Government and Industry partnerships across the Communications, IT, and other critical sectors. He has aligned risk management strategies between operations, policy, and tactical to support the evolving hazards to the nation. He plays a key role in developing the programmatics, and manages the broad array of Presidential advisory, sector partnership initiatives, policy issuances, congressional testimony and technology assessments required to increase the return on investment of Government / Industry cyber efforts. Prior to joining the Government as a Federal employee, Mr. Echols advised federal officials and served DHS as a consultant on matters related to outreach, threat information management, protection of national networks, national security, emergency communications, and disaster management.

SIM Swapping: A Route for Criminals to Target Those Preoccupied by COVID-19 Pandemic

Cybercriminals have found another way to personal data outside of the traditional threat vector of the computer. Your mobile phone number may be their key to valuable financial accounts and disruption to your digital life.

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PERSPECTIVE: Getting the Nation on a War Footing to Battle Coronavirus

This new enemy did the unthinkable and found its way to U.S. shores. And now, the country braces for a glimpse of what war encompass as most of us are typically distant from the battle lines and, well, ambivalent of the sacrifice required to win wars.

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Putting the Human Being in Homeland Security Planning

Government officials can’t crucify the media and then plan to use the media to deliver critical instructions to citizens.

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