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Paul DeGregorio
Paul DeGregorio, former Chairman of the Election Assistance Commission, is a member of the Smartmatic USA Board. DeGregorio has devoted his professional career focused on the promotion of democracy and excellence in election administration and is considered one of the world’s top election experts. He has worked in over 30 countries and served as the chief election official of the United States. DeGregorio has worked for public, non-profit and private institutions and organizations, and has focused on technical innovations to serve voters, and remote and disable voters in particular. DeGregorio has held significant policy-making and top management positions in prominent institutions that have advanced the cause of democracy and freedom throughout the world. He has testified and presented before hundreds of election management bodies and organizations throughout the globe and before the US Congress. DeGregorio’s leadership has been recognized in the USA and the international community. He has receive numerous awards and recognition for his work, including the prestigious Freedom Award from the National Association of Secretaries of State for his achievements in promoting freedom and democracy throughout the world.

PERSPECTIVE: Aggressively Act Now to Modernize Voting Technology and Secure Our Elections


In 2018, 41 states used voting machines older than 10 – an eternity in a time of evolving cyber threats.

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