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Ricardo Vazquez Garcia is a Journalism major with a concentration in Photojournalism & Political Science minor at the University of North Texas. He previously served as the visuals editor for the North Texas Daily from 2020-2021. Ricardo started his internship at Homeland Security Today in 2021.

OIG Finds Increase in CBP Workload Led to NTA Inaccuracies for Migrants

Between February 2019 and April 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued generally accurate “notices to appear” (NTA) to migrant detainees to initiate the migrant’s removal proceeding, although some inconsistency was found.

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GAO’s Review of Small Business Programs Finds Agency Weaknesses in Managing Fraud, Waste and Abuse


GAO made 21 recommendations to 10 agencies that did not fully implement the 10 minimum requirements made by SBA when awarding funding to small businesses.

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GAO Develops Framework for the Use of Artificial Intelligence by Federal Agencies

The framework consists of four complementary principles: governance, data, performance and monitoring. The purpose of the framework is to ensure accountability and responsible use of AI in government programs and processes.

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GAO: Some Federal Agencies’ Use of Facial Recognition Technology Opens Door for Potential Risks

A new GAO report reveals that many federal agencies using non-federal facial recognition technology do not have a tracking system in place for using these systems.

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GAO Finds Room for Improvement on Cybersecurity Collaboration at HHS

The GAO’s review of HHS reveals a lack of collaboration and leading practices between the entities during the COVID-19 pandemic, during an increased number of cyber threats.

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Domestic Terror Landscape Is a ‘Much More Individualized Threat,’ Says DHS CT Coordinator

Some elements that factor into today’s threat include the increased number of individuals who are angry and use their anger as an excuse to commit an act of violence, coupled with the intertwined nature of digital and physical worlds, Cohen said.

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Europol’s Annual Terrorism Trends Report Reveals How COVID-19 Affected Terrorist Activity in 2020

Europol’s latest annual EU Terrorism Situation and Trend report (TE-SAT) reveals that terrorist attacks decreased, but the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions to in-person meetings may have led to the increased consumption of extremist content.

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