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Charles S. (Sam) Faddis, Senior Partner- Artemis, LLC is a former CIA operations officer with thirty years of experience in the conduct of intelligence operations in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe. His last assignment prior to retirement in May of 2008 was as head of the CIA's terrorist Weapons of Mass Destruction unit. He took the first CIA team into Iraq in the Summer of 2002 in advance of the invasion of that country and has worked extensively in the field with law enforcement, local security forces and special operations teams. Since retirement, he has written extensively, provided training to a wide variety of government and private entities and appears regularly on radio and television.

PERSPECTIVE: Airline Ground Crews Are an Under-Monitored Terror Threat

Background investigations are ineffectual in detecting terrorists because they look for the wrong things.

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Trying to Think Like a Terrorist Goes Only So Far to Stop Attacks

Unfortunately for Rafik Hariri, Hezbollah did not choose the attack plans for which his security was prepared.

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What If Iran Brings Energy War Here with Hezbollah Attack on U.S. Oil and Gas?

No post-9/11 threats are comparable to what Hezbollah will bring to the table, and sector is largely unguarded.

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