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DHS Budget: Mayorkas Stresses Importance of Right Resources to Fight ‘Dynamic’ Domestic Terrorism

Request includes $131 million "to support diverse, innovative, and community-driven methods to prevent domestic terrorism while respecting civil rights and liberties," and supporting "critical research on the root causes of radicalization and enhanced community outreach."

Flat DHS Budget in Biden Request Includes Increases for Cyber Threats, Domestic Terror

Immigration increases include USCIS funding and Office of Professional Responsibility to process CBP, ICE complaints.

Profiles in Leadership: Interview with Nancy Nykamp, Assistant Administrator of I&A, TSA

This month, we are interviewing exceptional leaders in homeland security. We are extremely proud to continue this series with Ms. Nancy Nykamp. Ms. Nykamp was selected as the Assistant Administrator for TSA’s office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) in June 2020. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Nykamp served three years as Deputy Assistant Administrator of I&A.

DHS and Partners Coordinate to Secure Super Bowl LV

As with past Super Bowls, this event was voluntarily submitted to DHS for a risk assessment and was classified as Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR) Level 1—meaning that it requires extensive federal interagency support.

Alejandro Mayorkas Sworn in as First Latino and Immigrant DHS Secretary

Mayorkas' confirmation was delayed by a Republican hold on his nomination. Shortly after the 56-43 vote, it took Vice President Kamala Harris about 90 seconds to swear in the new DHS secretary at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Here’s Who Is Leading DHS Components in Transition to Biden Appointments

Acting Homeland Security Secretary David Pekoske announced who will be leading DHS components and offices in the near term, until new leadership is appointed by the president and, in some cases, confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

DHS OIG to Review DHS Roles and Responsibilities in Connection with Jan. 6 Events at U.S. Capitol

DHS OIG’s review will examine the DHS Office of Intelligence & Analysis’s (I&A) responsibility for providing intelligence to law enforcement, and whether and how I&A fulfilled its responsibility.

On the Front Lines in a Year of Crisis: 2020 Homeland Security Today Awards

The awards recognize those who devote their lives to protecting our people, our resources, our way of life.
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