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Ntrepid to Provide Secure Web Browsing Option for OPM Breach Victims

Ntrepid to Provide Secure Web Browsing Option for OPM Breach Victims Homeland Security TodaySecure internet browsing is an important tool for anyone actively using and transmitting data via an online connection. In an era filled with email, online banking, and sending of both personal and professional data over the web, both individuals and organizations have come to rely upon enhancements to security and personal protection. Yet, as seen through last year’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) security breach, the compromise of personal data can have far-reaching consequences.

As previously reported by Homeland Security Today, OPM experienced the theft of the records of millions of current and previous federal employees, putting these employees and their identities at risk.

The data stolen was of both personal and professional nature, and in the wrong hands, it has the ability to cause considerable damage via identify theft to victims and their families. Since the data cannot be retrieved, it is important for victims, or those whomay be victims, to take preventative measures in protecting their data and identities moving forward.

Ntrepid Corporation, a cybersecurity solutions company, is providing free access to its consumer product called Passages. The Passages Consumer tool is designed to deliver a secure browser, to prevent the occurrence of any further theft.

A full free year of access to the Passages Consumer virtual browser tool is being made available to OPM victim with the hope that they will use the tool to prevent further theft or personal security disruptions.

Credit reporting programs, while helpful, only provide so much anti-theft support. Therefore, it would be advantageous for victims to have additional tools available to them. The Passages program provides a filter that enables users to safely navigate the web, while also downloading files and content, without being fearful of further compromising their computers.

“The potential for what can be done using this information is significant, and as a victim and employer of victims affected by this breach I take this personally,” noted Ntrepid Founder and Chief Executive Richard Helms.

In offering this access to OPM breach victims, Ntrepidis hoping to move forward with access to Passages, making its Release Candidate obtainable in a short amount of time.

“Passages will allow victims to maintain their normal lives without fear that their web usage will put them at further risk; despite the fact that their personally identifiable information has already been compromised,” shared Helms. “Once the full scope of the breach became public we expedited the development of Passages. In October 2015 we began engaging potential partners in government and the private sector to address this important vulnerability in a secure, efficient manner. We know we have a great solution that we can deliver in a manner that does not create yet another vulnerability.”

Ntrepid will be hosting a 60-day pre-registration sign up period beginning February 29th so that the planning team can better prepare for deployment.

Having such a tool available may encourage OPM victims to re-secure their identity, while feeling more comfortable in navigating the Internet again.



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