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Amy Williams

Amy Williams is a Founding Director of Akamai Global and in this role she oversees research and development to improve safety measures across U.S. College Campuses by implementing best practices, policy and technology. In addition, Williams is an NCAE-C PhD Scholar, “1 in 5 nationwide.” The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) PhD Scholarship program, managed by the NSA and funded by the DoD, selected Williams for her dissertation research on ways to contribute to the cyber forensics domain by applying counterterrorism techniques to mitigate challenges of protecting critical infrastructure in smart cities. Williams’ SMEs are comprised of leading experts from the public and private sector, including DHS, NSA and local government; and her academic background includes Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations, Cybersecurity Policy, and Curriculum and Instruction. Williams has also been featured in numerous publications including USA Today, Yahoo! News, the Official Harvard Site of Multiple Intelligences, and Philanthropy Journal for her 501c3 nonprofit organization, which has earned endorsements and testimonials from leading experts in both the nonprofit and education sectors. Currently, she has been focused and instrumental with efforts to help survivors of the recent Maui Wildfires with recovery efforts that have devastated Hawai’i.
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