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Kate Nixon Anania

Kate Anania is a senior technical analyst at the RAND Corporation with expertise in coastal and fisheries management and environmental economics. At RAND, Kate has contributed to research modeling the resourcing and effectiveness of the Coast Guard’s fisheries law enforcement mission, looked at the economic impacts of land loss in Louisiana with a specific focus on commercial fisheries and contributed to research considering the impact of climate change on international tuna management. Additional research projects include using remote monitoring system to develop algorithms to better target fisheries law enforcement activities by the U.S. Coast Guard, developing a coastal hurricane recovery plan for Puerto Rico, identifying capability gaps in the Arctic for the US Coast Guard, assessing Naval Arctic strategy and capabilities for NAVEUR, supporting the US Army on installation assessments and planning, and assessing the effectiveness and determining the validity of metrics for the Coast Guard. Before coming to RAND, Kate was a Federal Knauss Sea Grant Fellow for the Office of the Oceanographer of the Navy. Kate volunteers as a personal finance educator, and in 2018 published Twenties in Your Pocket: A Twenty-Something’s Guide to Money Management. Kate earned a B.S. in environmental studies from Emory University and a Master of Environmental Science & Management from the Bren School at UC Santa Barbara. Kate also holds an MA in economics from UC Santa Barbara and is a Senior National Environmental Leadership Program Fellow.
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