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Kelly Hoggan

Kelly Hoggan is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of H4 Solutions, a security consultancy advising clients in the transportation sector and delivers expertise in aviation security and operations. Mr. Hoggan utilizes over three-plus decades of leadership experience in aviation security and operations at several airlines as well as the Transportation Security Administration to provide value-added services to clients globally. Since founding H4 Solutions in June 2016, he has provided security solutions for clients in locations as far-flung as South Africa; India; the United Kingdom; the Middle East; Mexico; Barbados and other locations in the Caribbean and every place in between, including all over the United States. Before H4 Solutions, Mr. Hoggan served as Assistant Administrator for Screening Operations at TSA, one of several Senior Executive Service-level positions he held there. He oversaw all federal security programs related to those airports and served as TSA’s chief technical expert on airport operations, programs, activities, and screening technologies. Additionally, Mr. Hoggan served as Senior U.S. Aviation Security Expert at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized air transportation oversight agency of the United Nations. Hoggan writes on many security topics, including airline and rail transportation security plus cargo, cruise line and baggage security. He is also a published author with his first book, First Strike: Loudoun County, on Amazon. The second book in the series, Second Strike: Danger Close, in April 2024.
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