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Paul Cobaugh
Mr. Paul Cobaugh retired from the US Army as a Warrant Officer after a distinguished career in the US Special Operations CT community, primarily focused on mitigating adversarial influence and advancing US objectives by way of influence. Throughout his career he has focused on the centrality of influence in modern conflict whether it be from extremist organisations or state actors employing influence against the US and our Allies. Post military career he was offered and accepted the position of Vice President at Narrative Strategies, a US based Think-Do Tank which specializes in the non-kinetic aspects of conflict. He has also co-authored, Soft Power on Hard Problems, Hamilton Publishing, 2017 and Introduction to Narrative Warfare: A Primer and Study Guide, Amazon, 2018

On Veterans Day, Reflections on a Long Flight Home from Our Long Fight

I penned this story on the way home from Afghanistan in 2012, my fourth of seven deployments.

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PERSPECTIVE: Everyone Must Be a Modern-Day Minuteman to Protect Our Election

Those who accept dishonesty on face value have consciously abdicated their responsibility as a citizen.

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PERSPECTIVE: Why Are We Ignoring the Right-Wing Extremism Threat?

The violence now associated with this mixed bag of right-wing extremists has become impossible to dismiss, yet Islamists dominate CVE.

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PERSPECTIVE: Anatomy of Narrative Warfare and Social Media Ops Since the Last Election

There is no single tactic or effort that will effectively mitigate this threat; we must immediately work together.

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PERSPECTIVE: A Five-Point Strategy to Oppose Russian Narrative Warfare

The threat is dimensional and requires commitment by everyone from the highest levels of leadership down through everyday citizens.

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