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Sheila Kohanteb

Sheila Kohanteb joined The Pearson Institute in 2017 and is the Forum Executive Director & Executive Director of External Relations. Sheila is the key liaison between The Pearson Institute, Harris Public Policy, and international partners, enhancing and expanding formal partnerships, with a particular interest in experiential opportunities. Sheila previously managed international, corporate, and foundation philanthropy at Northeastern University and Babson College, engaging with donors and facilitating the receipt and strategic allocation of gifts. Prior to these roles, she led efforts to design and implement international study abroad opportunities at Northeastern University. Kohanteb developed and led numerous undergraduate and graduate students in summer study abroad programs and global internship opportunities to the Middle East, Northern Ireland, and the Balkans, while teaching conflict and negotiation respective to each region. Sheila has taught political science and international affairs at Northeastern University, with an emphasis on conflict and political psychology. As a political scientist, Sheila’s research focuses primarily on global conflict and negotiation, with regional foci on the Middle East and Northern Ireland. Kohanteb received a BA in political science from UCLA and an MA and Ph.D. from Northeastern University.
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