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Steve Moore
Steve Moore, formerly of Anthem, Inc., is Vice President and Chief Security Strategist at Exabeam, where he helps drive solutions for threat detection and response, as well as advise customers in breach management and program development. Prior to joining Exabeam, Moore spent more than seven years at Anthem, in a variety of cyber security practitioner and leadership roles. Most recently, he served as Staff Vice President of Cyber Security Analytics, and played a leading role in the response and remediation of the data breach announced in 2015. He also brings deep experience working with legal, privacy and audit staff to improve cybersecurity and demonstrate greater organizational relevance.

What Will It Take to Modernize Elections Safely and Securely?

The acid test will be the emergence (or not) of any evidence of interference in the electoral process — and, in the longer term, whether the modernization of the system has moved forward significantly by 2024.

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