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CrimeSolutions Rates and Removes Programs

New programs rated by CrimeSolutions include a P3i (proactive police patrol information) application for law enforcement and a gun violence reduction program.

WATCH: Federal Judge Whose Family Was Shot Calls for More Protection for Judges

"Now more than ever, we need to identify a solution that keeps the lives of federal judges private," Salas said. "This is a matter of life and death."

American Airlines Mechanic Arraigned on Indictment Charging Cocaine Importation Conspiracy

An American Airlines mechanic at John F. Kennedy International Airport, was arraigned July 6 on an indictment charging him with conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute, conspiracy to import cocaine and importation of cocaine.

Man Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Sending Threatening Mail to Miami Federal Courthouse

The letter said that, “[i]nside this letter, you [will] find ‘chemicals’ that are going to kill many of you…I hate all of you pigs and hope you all die. I fight you all till you all die.”

Man Pleads Guilty to Transporting Illegal Aliens

On June 8, a South Texas man entered a guilty plea for his role in a conspiracy to transport illegal aliens within the country.

Man Charged After Backpack Full of Molotov Cocktails Found in Downtown Pittsburgh

A Pittsburgh man has been charged federally with illegal possession of an unregistered destructive device after planting a backpack with homemade explosives in a downtown open space.

GAO Conducts Technology Assessment on Federal Law Enforcement Forensics

Federal law enforcement agencies are primarily using three types of forensic algorithms to help assess whether or not evidence collected in a criminal investigation may have originated from an individual.

Programs Removed from CrimeSolutions.gov

The National Institute of Justice has removed the Dallas Anti-Gang Initiative rating from CrimeSolutions.gov. Established in 1996, the initiative targeted five geographical areas that were...
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