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// by Bridget Johnson

ISIS Cyber Group Warns of Tracking Through Bitcoin Use

The Electronic Horizons Foundation, which functions as an IT help desk for ISIS supporters, advised "our brothers to follow the maximum possible security measures" and warned against "using common methods in financial transactions." Keep Reading

Atomwaffen Division neo nazi

U.K. to Ban White Supremacist Group

Proscribing Atomwaffen Division and listing National Socialist Order as its alias will support the police in their work to disrupt the threat that these white supremacist groups continue to pose to the U.K.’s national security, including by supporting efforts to remove online content associated with the group. Keep Reading

U.K. Counterterrorism Investigation Leads to Hate Crime Conviction

Powell published a series of social media posts between July and October 2018, which showed support to right wing ideology and had racist connotations. In these, he called for a civil war to stop the ethnic suicide of white people; showed support for the terrorist organization National Action; and shared a picture of his tattoo which contained the Nazi emblem. Keep Reading

Man Jailed for Life for Planning Terrorist Attack

Sahayb Aweys Munye Abu, 27, of east London, ordered weapons, equipment and clothing online in preparation for an attack, while visiting websites with Daesh material and sharing his extremist views with people online over several months. Keep Reading

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