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FLEOA: Federal Over-Reach Prohibits Local Law Enforcement from Effectively Serving Their Communities

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) announced that the Law Enforcement Working Group, which governs federally-acquired equipment for state and local law enforcement use, has issued new recommendations regarding the usage of this equipment. Also known as the 1033 Program, this proposal sets new restrictions on the usage of certain gear and equipment.

“This program is intended to empower state and local law enforcement to ensure readiness and response to deadly incidents, and serve their communities as they see fit,” said FLEOA President Jon Adler. “This over-prescribe regulation by federal bureaucrats is unnecessary and creates a de facto federalization of state and local law enforcement operations by telling them how and when to use this equipment in their own localities. It is an insult to the intelligence of every law enforcement department and agency in the country.”

“Given the tragic incident yesterday at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, and the need for local departments to have access to this equipment when these senseless acts occur, it is imperative that the federal government allow local law enforcement to determine what is the best way for them to protect the communities they serve daily,” Adler stressed.

The Law Enforcement Working Group was established pursuant to the January 16 Presidential Executive Order, Federal Support for LocalLaw Enforcement Equipment Acquisition, which was tasked with “identifing agency actions that can improve federal support for the acquisition of controlled equipment by LEAs, including by providing LEAs with controlled equipment that is appropriate to the needs of their community; ensuring that LEAs are properly trained to employ the controlled equipment they acquire;ensuring that LEAs adopt organizational and operational practices and standards that prevent the misuse or abuse of controlled equipment; and ensuring LEA compliance with civil rights requirements resulting from receipt of federal financial assistance. The Working Group is co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense, Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security.

FLEOA is a national association that represents the interests of law enforcement officers throughout the federal government. Its partners, who represent state, county and local law enforcement, include the National Sheriffs Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the National Association of Police Organizations.

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