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Profiles in Excellence: Interview with Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, President and CEO of the International Public Safety Data Institute, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight our 2020 Award Winners!

Each year, Homeland Security Today honors shining stars in the community who are making their own unique, invaluable contributions to advance the mission of keeping America safer from myriad threats. Their strong commitment to mission touches every part of their work, from day-to-day operations to special projects and work in the community. This year, with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic affecting every facet of homeland security, HSToday is interviewing these individuals for a Profiles in Excellence series: to highlight the stories and successes from our winners.

This interview features Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, a recipient of our Mission Award for 2020. As an exemplary community firefighter paramedic in Memphis, Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell always showed a strong commitment to her community that shaped the rest of her career. Moore-Merrell moved onto the International Association of Fire Fighters, where she had a distinguished 26-year career before founding the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI) where she currently serves as president and CEO. She paved the way on educating agencies on the use of data to plan for emergency incidents and implementing data-driven decisions in real time at emergency scenes. Her work expands to contributions within federal agencies including DHS and the FBI, nonprofit organizations like the National Fire Protection Association and several universities, and local, state, and federal organizations.

In this interview, Dr. Moore-Merrell sits down with HSToday to discuss the establishment of the International Public Safety Data Institute and her passion for ensuring the implementation of the data that is collected. She is an advocate for using data in real time to focus on how to better prepare for disasters. Dr. Moore-Merrell also highlights the shift at IPSDI to use Artificial Intelligence, and how it formulates better and more accurate reports.

Watch the full interview below & stay tuned as we continue to highlight our 2020 Award Winners:

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