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Canada Invests to Counter Far-Right Extremism

The project will examine the far-right extremism movement in Quebec through media research and interviews with experts and activists. The results will support local organizations and police services to better counter the growing movement in the province. Keep Reading

Smarter Policy Needed to Address Far Right Threat

The report says no one knows the scope of far-right violence in the United States because the FBI and Department of Justice deprioritize the investigation and prosecution of these crimes and fail to collect accurate national data regarding such attacks, despite a congressional mandate to do so. Keep Reading

UK Will Issue Official Alerts For Far Right Terror

The UK is to start issuing official threat-level warnings for far-right terrorism amid rising concerns about white supremacist murder attempts. The threat levels will be issued following assessments by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, which already produces similar warnings for Islamist and Ireland-related terror. Keep Reading

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