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Atomwaffen Division neo nazi

U.K. to Ban White Supremacist Group

Proscribing Atomwaffen Division and listing National Socialist Order as its alias will support the police in their work to disrupt the threat that these white supremacist groups continue to pose to the U.K.’s national security, including by supporting efforts to remove online content associated with the group. Keep Reading

Far Right Terrorist Who Established Propaganda Website Sentenced

Searches of Hunter’s home address revealed an obsession with Hitler and neo-Nazism and resulted in the seizure of a large number of white supremacist texts, military training manuals and guides on surveillance, guerrilla warfare, weapons and explosives. Officers also recovered a machete from his bedroom. Keep Reading

Teenager Found Guilty of Right-Wing Terrorism Offenses

The jury heard how the ex-Royal Air Cadet had become a member of the online extreme right wing group Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) in July 2019 and started several virtual conversations where he expressed his extreme views and indicated he was planning or had already converted a blank firing weapon into a viable firearm. Keep Reading

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