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PureTech Systems shows its “dark side” with the release of an enhanced user interface.

When it comes to low light control room environments, “darker” color schemes result in better visibility and less eye strain.  This is an underlying theme in the 12.0 version of the PureActiv geospatial video management and video analyticssoftware, recently released by PureTech Systems.  The new interface continues with its market-leading map-based design, but moves to an overall darker color scheme, perfect for viewing in low light situations, but also allowing better contrast in brightly lit areas.  The update allowsthe application to further its objective for providing enhanced situational awareness in security situations.   The new color scheme applies to all main application windows, including video palette, alarm widow and map.  It also applies to support functions including camera groups, status windows, server health, alarm cameras and map layer selection windows. PureTech Systems shows its “dark side” with the release of an enhanced user interface. Homeland Security Today
Security personnel must monitor a large amount of information.  The removal of extraneous data, or features that are not critical to real time action, can reduce this monitoring workload.  To help address this concern, the version 12.0 release introduces the ability to partially, or fully, hide the system menu bar to aid in the reduction of clutter.  Use of a new drop down menu permits important end user functions to remain within easy access.
To further situational awareness, PureActiv 12.0 introduces new iconography, with redesigned graphics aimed at providing easy identification and recognition of features and functions.  Along with new main menu and drop down menu icons, updated program shortcuts provide a common theme and intuitive graphical tool representations.  Furthermore, updated map and classification icons, used to denote dynamic camera control and show target movement and location, provide standardization and provide quicker target recognition.
“PureTech Systems has one of the most recognizable and user friendly video management interface in the market,” explains Eric Olson, vice president of marketing at Phoenix-based PureTech Systems.  “This update reflects our continued desire to provide the highest level user experience from both an operability and a user effectiveness perspective,” Olson furthers.  “We are looking forward to the roll out of the product’s new look and feel.”
The new release boasts a host of other improvements and features comprising updated alarms tones, new third party integrations, metadata additions, and further enhancements to address unique challenges in very long-range environments, such as border applications and seaports.  PureActiv 12.0 is currently deploying for all new and existing customers.  PureActiv customers under software maintenance agreement should contact their support person to schedule an upgrade.
About PureTech Systems Inc.
PureTech Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of wide-area perimeter surveillance software solutions including internally developed outdoor video analytics, multi-sensor integration and a map-based (real object size) command and control.  It is offered to fortune 1000 firms, petro-chemical, water and electric utilities, seaports, airports and federal, state and local governments.   With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets.  To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at www.puretechsystems.com, follow us at @PureTechSystems or contact Eric Olson at 602-424-9842 or Eric.Olson@PureTechSystems.com.

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