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Rich Cooper
Rich Cooper is Editor-at-Large for HSToday. A former senior member of DHS’ Private Sector Office (PSO), Cooper has been a frequent writer and contributor to numerous media outlets. He is Vice President for Strategic Communications & Outreach for the Space Foundation and a Principal with Catalyst Partners, LLC. Cooper is also a former Senior Fellow with GWU’s Cyber and Homeland Security Institute and has also served in senior positions at NASA, the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, SAS and several other profit and not-for-profit enterprises.

PERSPECTIVE: Keep Leaders from Letting ‘Never Forget’ Become ‘Never Mind’

Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks

All of these public servants distinguished themselves far and above the call of duty. But today it is the costs of that duty that are coming due.

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PERSPECTIVE: DHS Is Out of Whack and Needs People in the Trenches to Bring Balance

The national homeland picture is not hanging with the balance it needs to give us real the clarity of our needs, risks and wants to be a risk-resilient republic.

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PERSPECTIVE: Three Against the Rest of Us on Disaster Aid Package

Congressmen blocking relief legislation are emblematic of a culture of indifference when the disaster victim is someone other than oneself.

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A Solemn Memorial Day Tradition in Arlington’s Garden of Stone

memorial day arlington flags

Scattered throughout the cemetery grounds, members of the Old Guard are meticulously paying their respects to every carved stone.

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PERSPECTIVE: The Most Powerful Person in Homeland Security

stephen miller

Miller’s unaccountability and play-it-safe role of policymaking will never have the respect that comes from being on the field.

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PERSPECTIVE: Nielsen Shows Leadership Vision in Tough Climate

Regardless of administration, every DHS secretary has an avalanche of noise and political distractions that surrounds their tenure in the job.

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PERSPECTIVE: The Lingering Scars of the Government Shutdown on Contractors

There was a time when the government was seen as the most stable customers that any company could possess.

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PERSPECTIVE: Favored Southern Candidates Pass Tests for Top FEMA Job

The American South is a tremendous proving ground with hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, fires, ice, floods and more.

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PERSPECTIVE: Why Brock Long’s Leadership at FEMA Will Be Missed

Outside of secretary, ICE director and CBP commissioner, no other position at DHS has a bigger bull’s-eye than FEMA administrator.

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Doc Lumpkins Made an Impact Where It Was Needed Most

It would be an understatement to simply call Lumpkins, who passed away on the evening of Jan. 26 following a brief illness, an emergency manager.

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