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Daily Briefings Newsletter – Emergency Preparedness and WMD


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Homeland Security Department at 15 on ‘Strong and Steady Course’

Pence told the attendees the American people are grateful to DHS employees. “You’ve considered the people of this country more important than yourself," he said.

Failed FEMA Puerto Rico Food Contractor Plagiarized Proposal, Senators Charge

The proposal submitted by Tribute in response to FEMA’s contract solicitation contains numerous contradictory or unintelligible assertions, three senators claimed.

DHS to Publish Guide on Handling Social Media Misinformation During Disasters

The report recommends enlisting digital volunteers to monitor social media and identify rumors and report back to officials so they can correct them.

White House Seeks $47.5B to Add DHS Staff, Fund Cyber and Border Wall

The Transportation Security Administration would get $3.2 billion to add 687 screeneers, bringing the total transportation security corps to 43,877, the most ever.

Interior Battles Disasters With Hand-Me-Down Drones

"We got some of these drones still in the shrink-wrap from the manufacturer because DoD had already moved on to the next one,” said Interior official.

Auditor: FEMA Review Duplicated Sandy Claims Payments, Exceeded Budget, Schedule

FEMA offered an additional $270 million in payments, an average of $12,300 more per claim than originally paid.

FEMA Ended $156 Million Contract With One-Woman Company for Puerto Rico Meals

FEMA "inexplicably" awarded Puerto Rico contract to "a tiny, one-person company with a history of struggling with much smaller contracts," legislators wrote.

Crisis-Driven Policies and Technology Choices May Erode Cyber-Resilience

Report recommends governments make cyber policy using an ongoing iterative process in place of one that is "ad hoc and crisis-driven" and produces "patchwork legislation.”
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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