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DHS Issues Special Notice for Innovative Commercial Products In Support of COVID-19 Response

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Procurement Operations (OPO) in support of Office of the Chief Procurement Officer will use the Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program (CSOP) procedures to acquire innovative, commercial items, technologies and services currently in the production/commercialization phase as well as adaptations of existing commercial products.  The DHS Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program (CSOP) is a non-Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) based solicitation authority for acquiring innovative and commercial solutions. Section 880 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2017 (Pub. L. 114-328) authorized DHS to implement a pilot program to competitively procure innovative commercial items, technologies, and services using commercial solution opening procedures. CSOP is a new acquisition mechanism that provides a streamlined acquisition process and simplified contract terms that is designed to maximize efficiency and economy and minimize burdens and administrative costs for both the Government and industry.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) efforts in preparedness and readiness have facilitated a speedy, whole-of-government response in confronting COVID-19, keeping Americans safe, and helping detect and slow the spread of the virus.  DHS is seeking innovative commercial products that are in support of the COVID-19 response or similar microbial threats.  Considering the magnitude and potential threat that COVID-19 and similar microbial threats pose to our nation’s health, safety and security, the Government seeks to rapidly accelerate the testing and fielding of new capabilities, employing innovative commercial products to the detection of exposure, prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19 and similar microbial threats.  Such innovative commercial products would be in support of the mission of the DHS, including the assistance that the FEMA is providing, in coordination with the HHS, to state, local, tribal, territorial governments and other eligible entities under the Stafford Act.

Proposed innovative commercial products may be, but are not limited to, products that: 1) supplement shortages and/or emerging needs for personal protective equipment, 2) enhance or expedite screening capabilities, 3) enhance or expedite facility cleaning capabilities, 3) extend testing capabilities, 4) utilize technology to support the COVID-19 response, or 5) convert existing production and logistics operations to support the COVID-19 response.

An important aspect of this objective is to support the efficient acquisition and testing of innovative commercial products from legitimate suppliers, as well as the efficient production and fielding of the successfully tested innovative commercial products.

This notice will be updated with the General Solicitation describing the solicitation process and evaluation approach.

The solicitation will be open and proposals accepted on an ongoing basis. The Government intends to make awards in Fiscal Year 2020.

Potential submitters are hereby advised of the following:

1.     The solicitation for innovative commercial products in support of COVID-19 is not a guarantee that award and obligation of funds will be made.

2.     The costs incurred by companies in the preparation and submission of their response to solicitations will not be paid by the government.

3.      All potential recipients of CSOP awards must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) before the recipient is awarded the CSOP contract. (https://www.sam.gov/SAM/)

The General Solicitation describing the solicitation process and evaluation approach will be posted on or about Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

All questions and comments regarding this special notice shall be submitted to email address [email protected].

Read more at SAM.gov

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