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Hypori Awarded DHS S&T Contract to Improve Security for Government Mobility Enterprise Systems

Hypori Inc. announces the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) awarded a nearly $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract to Hypori Federal, Inc. to further develop and license capabilities for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) that will improve and strengthen security for government mobility enterprise systems.

This award follows a previously awarded Hypori SBIR phase I project—titled "Process Level Security for Mobile System Assurance"—which was awarded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory.. Work accomplished during that project was identified by the S&T Cyber Security Division (CSD) as an innovative approach that could advance the federal government’s enterprise mobile capabilities for mission use.

The Phase II award call for Hypori to expand upon its technology differentiators and provide enhanced Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) capabilities and conduct a pilot. The Hypori SBIR Phase II award is part of the S&T Cyber Security Division’s (CSD) overarching Mobile Device Security Program.

The MDS program works cooperatively with researchers in the academic community and private sector to develop secure solutions to the evolving security and privacy threats and challenges impacting mobile devices and application delivery. Through its work, the MDS program will ensure the department can bridge capability gaps and deploy mobility solutions that effectively, efficiently and securely enable its mission.

During this new phase of research and development (R&D), Hypori will focus on enhancing the capabilities of its VMI technology by developing new mobile access control functionality for Bluetooth, creating higher-level authentication methodology and building a mobile cloud-based solution with FedRAMP compliance in mind.

The company also will conduct testing of these new capabilities and pilot deployments with participants of the federal government and Department of Defense.

David Hood, CEO of Hypori, commented, "We see three significant factors converging to create a new category and the ‘perfect storm’ for Hypori’s VMI platform:(1) the increase of mobile device use in government, (2) the growth in the number of attacks and exploits that target the mobile device and (3) the inability of traditional methods that look to control and secure the physical device."

Hood continued, "With these trends we are very excited to continue development of our VMI platform to further enable the DHS and other agencies’ use of mobile devices to access sensitive and classified information and look forward to continue our deep collaboration with the DHS."

"Hypori’s Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform has demonstrated it is delivering a significantly enhanced level of security for data stored on critical infrastructure systems that is accessed from mobile devices," said Vincent Sritapan, CSD MDS program manager, "It’s additional work will further strengthen the technology’s existing capabilities while also adding a series of new functions that will foster true mobility in government and secure access to critical data without any resident data on the mobile device."

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