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Motorola Solutions and Wynyard Group Partner to Bring Advanced Crime Analytics to LawEnforcement

With the explosion of data in recent years, communications provider Motorola Solutions and the Wynyard Group, which makes advanced crime fighting software, have joined forces to help law enforcement solve crimes faster and more effectively with advanced crime analytics, which will allow officers to access the intelligence available in this massive amount of available data.

The software will allow law enforcement to identify criminal patterns and explore relationships by analyzing data in minutes rather than days, freeing up agency resources to investigate leads and solve cases.

“Today, you see a huge number of iPhones and iPads recording events, tweeting, etc.,” Wynyard Group Vice President Americas Derek Brown, told Homeland Security Today. “The amount of intelligence contained in that information is incredible. It is impossible with traditional means to assume you are looking at the full picture anymore.”

“This is driving more and more people to analytics and analytics has proven itself to be effective and to help solve crime faster and more effectively,” Brown added.

Earlier this year, Motorola Solutions acquired PublicEngines and its CommandCentral Predictive and CommandCentral Analytics products to expand its innovative Smart Public Safety Solutions. Brown explains that the Wynyard Group’s software turns the large amounts of raw data Motorola has access to into actionable intelligence.

The software enhances CommandCentral by connecting the dots between disparate data sources—such as criminal history, social media networks, property records, field notes and other types of evidence—and putting them together to form a whole intelligence picture.

“It is about bringing all that information together to create a picture—a very visual picture of what has happened so you can identify suspects, potentially put them at the location of the crime, and find out what has been happening on social media as well,” Brown said.

The Wynyard Group has found that every customer and potential customer faces the same challenge: doing more with less. Brown explains, however, that advanced crime analytics allows law enforcement to solve more crime because they can identify and join the dots, and they can solve crime faster because they are not having to do what used to take them weeks will not take hours.

“It really hits their key need of doing more for less,” Brown explained.

In addition, while most law enforcement organizations are aware of analytics, many continue to dismiss it as out of their reach. Although it may have been true in the past that the marketplace for advanced crime analytics has been the privilege of a few, the same is not true today.

“In the past, it is true that the solutions and marketplace to do this kind of thing have been the privilege of a few,” Brown said. “However, the way we are approaching the market is slightly different. We are using new technology. The problems those older technologies were built to solve 5-10 years ago are not the problems people are facing today, such as transnational crime, violent extremism, and living in a more connected world with no boundaries.”

Homeland Security Today previously reported that a recent survey by the Wynyard Group revealed 90 percent of respondents see crime-fighting software as a future industry standard, but only 35 percent of respondents use crime-fighting software.

Brown believes that in addition to budget limitations, implementation of crime analytics by law enforcement can also be complicated by hesitancy to step away from a traditional, more manual, way of doing things.

However, by encouraging law enforcement to adopt crime analytics, the Wynyard Group hopes to free up the officer’s time to do investigations and solve cases rather than doing the manual work of sifting through multitudes of pages of intelligence reports or phone records.

“By bringing new technology and combining it with the tradecraft that we have, as well as the crime science we do research and development in, we are producing a product—not just a tool set—that is tailored towards law enforcement,” Brown said. “It is specifically built for law enforcement to help them overcome their problems today.”

Wynyard’s software is not limited to use by law enforcement. It can also be a crucial tool in preventing terrorist attacks. With the heightened vigilance surrounding the July 4th weekend, and fears that the Islamic State or other radical Islamist extremists would launch an attack on American soil, Fox News recently highlighted Wynyard’s analytical tools in predicting attacks before they occur.

“It allows us to take social media tools, and then connect the dots,” said KT McFarland, Fox News National Security Analyst. “One bit of good news in an otherwise bleak war on terror where radical Islam seems to be gaining by the day is that we have the ability to fight this.”

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