Coast Guard cutter Thetis (WEMC-910) assists the six Jamaican survivors from an adrift vessel 76 miles south east from Isle de Tortuga Friday, November 23, 2018. Survivors stated that they had been adrift for two days and they were running out from provisions. (Photo/U.S. Coast Guard)

Coast Guard Rescues Six Jamaicans Left Adrift for Two Days

Six Jamaican nationals floating in a disabled vessel were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard on Nov. 23. Coast Guard Cutter Thetis reported that the vessel, which was headed to Tortuga, Haiti, had been adrift for two days and that the crew was running low on supplies.

“The sea can be unforgiving and when a boat or vessel experiences a casualty at sea, having the right equipment can save lives as this case shows,” said Chris Eddy, Coast Guard 7th District search and rescue coordinator. “This flare signaled to the crew of the Thetis who was within range to see it, ready to respond, and was able to save these six people.” 

No one was injured on the ship, which was found 76 miles south west of Tortuga.

Rescued were Garnel Goldson, 30, Rohan Smith, 50, Raymond Foster, 30, Jermaine Brown, 32, Marvin Buchanon,39, and Jermaine Lobiboun, 33.

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