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Coast Guard Pacific Area Hosts North Pacific Coast Guard Forum Summit

Forum members prepared a renewed memorandum of cooperation and completed many of the final plans for this year’s multi-mission multilateral exercise.

Coast Guard Concludes Public Hearing for Golden Ray Capsizing Incident

Members of the formal investigation team will continue to draft a report and ultimately provide recommendations to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

USCGC Northland Returns Home After 80-Day Eastern Pacific Patrol, Miami Drug Offload

When not actively chasing drug runners or rescuing fishers, Northland maintained a steady training regimen for new and veteran crew members.

DoD Announces New Senior Advisor for Arctic Security Affairs

Kee will assist with establishing the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies, the Department of Defense’s sixth and newest regional center.

Leading with Character: Diversity of a Different Kind

People who when united together in a community, working side-by-side, produce outcomes that are better than what any one individual could produce alone.

Infrastructure Legislation Proposes Investment for Transportation, Emergency Management, Coast Guard and More

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has advanced legislation to invest nearly $60 billion to make America’s infrastructure more sustainable, resilient, and equitable, and to reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sector.

House Armed Services Committee Advances Funding for Coast Guard Shipyard

When the House Armed Services Committee completed its review of President Joe Biden’s $715 billion Pentagon budget proposal in a late-night earmark marathon, the...

Leading with Character: Character of a Different Kind

Today is the last day of my summer vacation in the lake region of Maine. As I sallied forth on my morning walk up...
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