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Bravatek Partners with Z Systems and Zoono to Combat Virus Outbreaks

Bravatek Solutions, Inc., (BVTK) has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Z Systems. 

BVTK says Z Systems offers what the World Health Organization calls the “nearly perfect disinfectant”, with a proprietary antimicrobial coating, Z Systems provides clinically tested protection for people and their facilities to avoid cross-contamination in the workplace.

The agreement was entered into following BVTK’s agreement with ZoonoUSA, a manufacturer and supplier of advanced technology products that offer germ protection, long after the product is applied, by creating a protective shield on the surface it is applied to. This shield lasts about 30 days on surfaces and 24 hours on skin, when natural exfoliation occurs. 

One of the reasons that both organizations partnered with BVTK was due to the fact that, Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, the Chairman and CEO of BVTK was on the Board of Directors of the National Interagency Confederation of Biological Research, representing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with others like Dr. Anthony Fauci (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and Lt. Gen. Eric Shoemaker (The Army Surgeon General). 

Cellucci was also responsible for the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center, the first national laboratory created by DHS that drove the funding and operations management. 

With the recent emergence in China of a new virulent strain of the coronavirus, and the well-publicized impacts of that virus on human health, Zoono Group Limited has been inundated by public and shareholder enquiry concerning its products and their effectiveness in combatting the spread of the new virus. 

Zoono is confident that it is extremely well positioned to be part of the solution to combat both coronavirus and other new virus threats. Zoono’s Z71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitizer was successfully tested in 2014 against bovine coronavirus (i.e., a surrogate recognized by the World Health Organization for other members of the coronaviridae family, including the MERS virus). Independent test results confirmed a 99.99% efficacy in five minutes. 

Zoono’s Z71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitizer and GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer products were recently sent to a third party, independent laboratory for test and evaluation against the latest Chinese strain of the coronavirus named COVID-19. This strain of the coronavirus has not previously been available for testing. Given the successful test results in 2014 and since, Zoono is very confident that both products will have a level of efficacy against the current strain of the coronavirus similar to that achieved previously with other viruses. Both viruses contain the same active ingredient. 

Results from testing against the current coronavirus strain are expected in the next two weeks.

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