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Passport Systems: Securing the NCAA Final Four

Passport Systems: Securing the NCAA Final Four Homeland Security TodayThe National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Final Four Championship game between the University of North Carolina and Villanova University went off without a hitch due in part to the real MVP operating behind the scenes. Passport Systems’ NetS2 SmartShield Networked Radiation Detection Systems played a critical role in the Houston Police Department’s security measures for the championship game held April 4.

“It was a real privilege to be part of the security support team during the NCAA Final Four,” said Dr. Robert Ledoux, President, CEO, and Director of Passport Systems, Inc., a developer of nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) technology, which is more commonly known as radiation detection systems.

SmartShield is a handheld radiation detection system that is integrated into a network of detectors working together, simultaneously. There are three components to the SmartShield product: a handheld gamma radiation detector, a smartphone with embedded software, and a Base Control Unit laptop that runs the SmartShield software and automatically links to all detectors.

Integration of individual devices to the to network is automatic and seamless. Data is shared across the network automatically.

“Our technology is the best available at detecting radiation and providing real time information to security teams about potential threats, such as Dirty Bombs. Technology is an important counter balance to the growing sophistication of terrorist groups seeking to do harm. The challenge now is to get this technology widely deployed by authorities tasked with protecting the public in countries across the globe.”

Houston’s Bomb Squad, K9 unit, and Hazmat Team deployed the SmartShield technology to protect the public, officers, and facilities at the NCAA event. After a “normal radiation level” is initially established in an area, the handheld device begins to actively search for any radiological material. The command center then monitors and visualizes all networked, deployed detectors.

SmartShield is a next-generation, state-of-the-art technology based on third party testing and feedback from the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

“This command view is a critical addition to complex security operations, such as those set up for the Final Four tournament and other largescale events around the world,” said Dr. Ledoux. One can imagine how advantageous a system like this could be to authorities overseeing any event that draws a large number of people, such as an airport, political event, or concert.

“This Houston deployment was a valuable operational experience. It will help to provide us with more information on how we can make this state-of-the art technology even better,” Dr. Ledoux added.



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