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Mark Lendvay Assumes Role as Acting Federal Security Director (Illinois) at Homeland Security

In a recent announcement on his LinkedIn account, Mark L. Lendvay revealed his latest career move as he steps into the pivotal position of Acting Federal Security Director for the State of Illinois at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). With a career spanning over 32 years in federal service, Mark brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this crucial role.

Mark L. Lendvay is a proven leader and executive, boasting a career trajectory marked by progressively increasing responsibilities. His comprehensive knowledge encompasses various facets of federal service, with a particular focus on aviation security, risk management, force protection, security and screening technologies, and human capital management.

In his new capacity, Mark’s responsibilities include tactical planning, execution, and operational management aligned with the mandates of the Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA). He is tasked with organizing and implementing the Federal Security Crisis Management Response Plan, enhancing security and screening standards for airport stakeholders, overseeing security technology implementation, and conducting airport security risk assessments.

Mark is well-versed in crisis management development, navigating the evolving security landscape with a commitment to unified command and control principles. His role extends to data and communications network protection and recovery, ensuring employee security awareness training, and supervising Federal law enforcement activities in accordance with ATSA.

With a track record of over 40 years as a sailboat racer, Mark is a competitive force on the water, holding an active US Sailing Number and Safety at Sea certification. Beyond the waves, he is an avid runner and racquetball player, embodying a well-rounded and active lifestyle. As an outdoorsman, he finds joy in fishing and hunting, further reflecting his diverse interests and pursuits.

Prior to his current role, Mark L. Lendvay served as the Federal Security Director for the State of Wisconsin and held the position of Assistant Federal Security Director in Chicago. His earlier career includes a distinguished tenure as a Senior Special Agent for the Department of Transportation.

Mark’s multifaceted background and extensive experience position him as a valuable asset in the realm of federal security, particularly in safeguarding the transportation sector and fostering collaboration across federal, state, and local emergency services and law enforcement agencies.

Matt Seldon
Matt Seldon
Matt Seldon, BSc., is an Editorial Associate with HSToday. He has over 20 years of experience in writing, social media, and analytics. Matt has a degree in Computer Studies from the University of South Wales in the UK. His diverse work experience includes positions at the Department for Work and Pensions and various responsibilities for a wide variety of companies in the private sector. He has been writing and editing various blogs and online content for promotional and educational purposes in his job roles since first entering the workplace. Matt has run various social media campaigns over his career on platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn on topics surrounding promotion and education. His educational campaigns have been on topics including charity volunteering in the public sector and personal finance goals.

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