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‘Tactical 260’ Aerostat Expands Aeros’ Persistent Intelligence Gathering Capabilities

The North American Defense Advanced Technology Solution’s (NADATS), the defense-focused division of lighter-than-air (LTA) aircraft manufacturer, Aeros, announced earlier this month the expansion of its tactical aerostat line with the addition of the Tactical 260 aerostat.

Similar in design to the Tactical 130 model, the Tactical 260 aerostat is a larger system capable of increased payloads. The new model features a number of enhanced surveillance capabilities that promise to increase the aerostat line’s persistent surveillance capabilities.

An aerostat is a gas filled, tethered aircraft that provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support. Aerostats have become an increasingly popular surveillance platform in the last several years as a cost-effective solution for ISR missions.

NADATS calls the ‘Tactical 260’ model a “natural progression” of its aerostat portfolio. The ‘Tactical 260’ is designed to enhance surveillance capabilities when gathering intelligence or conducting wide-area surveillance. It can be operated remotely via a laptop, and hold a payload capacity of up to 150 pounds. Additionally, the aerostat has an altitude of 1,000 feet and an operational time frame of up to 16 days.

The system can be used to support a number of homeland security applications, such as border security and disaster response, by providing actionable intelligence and rapid deployment. The newest model complements the ‘Tactical 130’ that has served a number of missions, including protecting forward operating bases overseas.

“The continued growth of Aeros/NADATS’ tactical aerostat line will provide varied operators with simplicity, reliability and cost benefits for longer-duration assignments, while expanding the capability to address new intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, said Aeros’ Vice President of Government Relations, Drew Shoemaker. “Aerostats like the ‘Tactical 260’ are particularly well suited to border and port security missions, critical infrastructure and event monitoring, homeland security and special law enforcement missions, environmental monitoring, or used as a communications asset for rapid responders.”

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