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ABN Amro First to Use ‘Self-Healing’ Cybersecurity Software

ABN AMRO Bank has begun using ‘self-healing’ cybersecurity software, which repairs itself when under attack from malignant viruses – much like the human body’s immune system does. This cybersecurity technology was jointly developed by ABN AMRO and TNO.

Cybercriminals look for weaknesses in software used by large companies such as ABN AMRO in order to steal data. It is becoming increasingly difficult to protect data against cybercriminals as hackers discover new, more effective and more professional ways to find their way around in our digital world. 

Martijn Dekker, CISO of ABN AMRO said the self-healing security software looks very promising. “We are continuously exploring and experimenting with new technologies to see how much security they will be able to offer in the future. It’s a good way to learn from bioscience and to apply this knowledge to our IT systems.”

ABN AMRO does this by partnering with other financial services providers and companies, as one of the founders of TNO’s Partnership for Cybersecurity Innovation (PCSI). TNO has been working with these partners for a long time to improve cybersecurity.

This past year, ABN AMRO joined forces with TNO in the Partnership for Cyber Security Innovation (PCSI) to work with various experts, including immunologists, to create and test the software. “We based our work on the way in which human cells fight viruses and bacteria and regenerate, and translated this into a concept for ICT security. Large organizations such as banks are struggling to ward off cybercriminals, who are continuously coming up with new strategies. This software offers protection by limiting the options available to attackers,” explains Bart Gijsen, who is leading TNO’s Self-Healing Security project.

ABN AMRO will be the first organization to use the software in the fight against cyberattacks.It will soon be made available to the public for use and adaptation. 

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