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CyberVista Tackles Cybersecurity Professional Shortage

As the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals continues to skyrocket, organizations are looking for new ways to address the skills gap. One new cybersecurity firm believes it may have the solution.

CyberVista, a wholly owned subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company and sister company to Kaplan, Inc., made its official debut earlier this month during the first-ever CES CyberSecurity Forum at 2016 CES in Las Vegas.

CyberVista aims to educate a “cyber-ready workforce” to fill the demands of the current cybersecurity market. Through personalized training programs, the company aims to provide board members and executives with the skills and knowledge necessary to defend their organizations against cyber attacks.

"As organizations increasingly rely on technology for all aspects of their operations, their risk for cyber attack grows significantly larger,” said Amjed Saffarini, CEO of CyberVista. “Cyber threats are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, as are the security products and technologies designed to protect against them. However, technology tools alone do not alleviate the problem of unsecured processes and people.”

He added, “We believe that a well-trained force of security professionals working together with cyber-literate executives and security-aware employees is an organization’s most critical line of defense. We intend to deliver the education and training required to create that kind of workforce.”

CyberVista utilizes the knowledge and experience of cybersecurity experts to educate corporations on current cyber issues, especially those that directly threaten their interests. The tools provided by the executive training program are customizable and available to employees through in-person and online sessions. Think of it almost as SAT preparation for major corporations and their employees.

Saffarini says that the incentive to take advantage of the resources provided by CyberVista is as great as the potential losses these major corporations stand to suffer, explaining that, “The financial and reputational losses associated with a cyber breach create significant risk for businesses. Absolutely no one is immune.”

Saffarini continued, “With the appropriate training and cyber oversight tools, corporate board members and executives can help companies more effectively navigate this volatile environment and reduce the risk impact of a brand-damaging incident.”

In addition, the company plans to plans to introduce a cybersecurity certification preparation program for practitioners and IT professionals, as well as a continuing education program for practitioners already in the field or looking to get into it.

“We see an enormous opportunity in cybersecurity education and workforce development,” said Timothy O’Shaughnessy, president and CEO of Graham Holdings Company. “There is a documented cyber workforce shortage that continues to grow. With the strength of our company coupled with the world-class education expertise gleaned from Kaplan, CyberVista is well-equipped to meet this critical need in themarket.”

There is a dire need for skilled cybersecurity professionals to fill available positions. 2014, which saw a number of high profile security breaches, including the attack on Sony Pictures, has been called the “Year of the Security Breach.” Since then, the number and sophistication of cyber attacks has continued to escalate.

Today, an entirely new threat has appeared—“cyber terrorism”—with the rise of the Islamic State. Masters of propaganda, the group’s members have rapidly adopted the Internet as their primary tool for recruitment and to circulate their message. It is now apparent that the possibilities – and dangers – offered by the Internet truly are endless.

In the face of these threats, the United States needs a cyber workforce ready to defend the nation’s most critical assets.



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