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Cybrary Responds to Insider Threat with End User Security Awareness Training

Although end users are widely considered to be the greatest security risk to most organizations, a number of reports have revealed many organizations and government agencies lack measures for endpoint security management. In response, Cybrary has designed a new enterprise training platform that gives organizations access to training for end users, who are often the weakest link in enterprise security.

Cybrary, which offers a free massive open online course for IT and cybersecurity professionals, was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide tuition-free access to cybersecurity training for people of all skill levels. Ryan Corey, co-founder of Cybrary, said the company’s goal is to “put cybersecurity education into the hands of everyone for free.”

Cybrary’s new enterprise learning management system is designed to help organizations and government agencies provide and manage cybersecurity courses and training programs for their employees. Corey told Homeland Security Today the platform puts training into the hands of organizations at an affordable price point.

The enterprise training platform gives employees access to a growing catalog of free IT and cyber security courses and content. It also provides organizations with the ability to actively track their employees’ progress. Managers can tailor the courses to the job roles of their employees while tracking completion of classes.

“Companies can use Cybrary’s courses and our platform to manage employee growth profiles,” Corey said. “It is a training and then retaining tool for an organization’s IT staff.”

Many of the courses are enterprise specific and tailored to meet a number of different industry compliances including the Federal Information Security Management Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Healthcare IT, Department of Defense Information Assurance Risk Management Framework, Federal IT Security Institute and more.

One of the major draws of Cybrary’s enterprise learning management system, however, is the End User Security Awareness training. With end user vulnerabilities behind a number of high-profile cyber attacks over the past year, end user security is gradually becoming a focal point for organizations.

A number of organizations—including banks, school systems, and government agencies—have contacted Cybrary about end point security. Corey said the End User Security Awareness training offers an affordable and scalable solution for organizations looking to equip their employees with knowledge of best practices and the do’s and don’ts surrounding organizational security and data protection.

According to a recent survey released by the SANS Institute, although 74 percent of the surveyed infosecurity professionals said they were concerned about insider threats, 32 percent claimed they had no systems in place to prevent a potentially devastating security incident.

Moreover, as Homeland Security Today previously reported, a survey conducted by SolarWinds in January revealed that although federal agencies identify careless or untrained insiders as the top threat to federal cybersecurity, agencies continue to devote the most concern and resources to malicious external threat sources.

Just recently, MeriTalk, in partnership with Belkin Government, released a study indicating nearly half of federal IT security decision makers say government data is most at risk of breach from employees’ or contractors’ desktops or laptops. However, 66 percent say they are missing measures for endpoint security management.

“End point security is a huge problem right now,” Corey said. “It is the biggest vulnerability and is the root cause of many of the major attacks we have seen over the past year. However, end user awareness is still in its infancy. With companies still looking at it as a luxury to incorporate end user security into their budgets, it will take a few more embarrassing stories to grow awareness.”

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