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The National Child Protection Task Force is hosting a webinar on June 17, 2020 at 1:00 pm ET called Navigating Darkness


Come to the dark side! Charity Wright, a former NSA analyst and current Cyber Threat Intelligence Advisor at IntSights will take you on a tour of the dark web and explain how you can collect and analyze pertinent intelligence from the dark web to neutralize threats outside the wire at the earliest stages of the cyber kill chain. Two one-hour sessions will focus on: What type of cyber threat intelligence is found on the criminal underground internet, what use cases benefit organizations the most, how to navigate underground sources, engaging with threat actors, creating online personas, accessing the dark web, safety tips, and guidelines to maintaining anonymity. 

Session 1: This session will take you on a guided tour of some of the hottest markets and forums for cyber threat intelligence collection in the dark web. See the most popular use cases for intelligence to protect your companies: credential leakage, attack indication, bank cards for sale, PII and PHI for sale, and much more! 

Session 2: Join this session to learn how to safely access the dark web, protect your identity while you are undercover, determine your intelligence priorities, and build a positive reputation in the target community. Your FAQ’s related to the dark web will be answered at the end of this interactive session.

Charity Wright is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst with over 15 years experience at US Army and the National Security Agency, where she translated Mandarin Chinese. She spent several years analyzing cyber threats for enterprises such as Hilton Worldwide and Ernst & Young. Charity currently works for IntSights Cyber Intelligence and raises awareness of cyber threats on stage and camera, including features on C-SPAN, CBS, NBC, BBC, and more.

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