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// by Kylie Bielby

GAO Calls for Urgent Action on ICT Supply Chain Risk

Federal agencies rely on information and communications technology (ICT) products and services from around the world to carry out their operations. The global supply chain for this technology faces threats, including from intelligence services and others who may seek to steal intellectual property or compromise the integrity of the systems. Keep Reading

// by Jonathan Reiber

PERSPECTIVE: 5 Accelerating Digital Trends That Will Impact Risk Management in 2021

Digital risks escalated in 2020 under the onset of the novel coronavirus and shaped the cybersecurity policy landscape. Over the coming year, we can surmise five accelerating digital trends that will continue to exert their impact on security and human behavior. These include the proliferation of 5G and Internet-of-Things technologies, the continued use of disinformation… Keep Reading

Swiss Airport Deploys Counter-Drone System

Timo Nielsen, the Altenrhein Airport Safety & Compliance Manager, said the airport welcomes visits from other airports in Europe and elsewhere globally, to reach out to learn more about the deployed system, and see it at a working airport facility. Keep Reading

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