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GAO Calls for Federal Leadership on Communicable Diseases in Air Travel

GAO wants Congress to direct the FAA to develop and implement a strategy for research on communicable diseases in air travel, in coordination with other federal agencies and external partners.

TSA Officers Continue to Stop Guns and Knives at Airport Checkpoints

TSA officers have prevented three individuals from bringing knives and loaded guns past the security checkpoints at Philadelphia International Airport in the past five days.

U.K. National Health Service Hit by Cyber Attack

The attack targeted the system used to refer patients for care, including ambulances being dispatched, out-of-hours appointment bookings and emergency prescriptions.

Pollution Crime Report Reveals Links to Transnational Organized Crime Groups

The proceeds of the 27 pollution crime cases combined are estimated to amount to half a billion U.S. dollars.

Court of Appeals Upholds Drone Identification Rules

The U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld rules set out by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Remote ID, which provides in-flight identification of drones.

FAA’s Nolen Addresses National Airspace Safety in the Era of Advanced Air Mobility

As new air vehicles are being developed, the FAA is working to establish operational rules, pilot training standards, and how these new vehicles can best be integrated into the national airspace system.

FAA Rushed Oversight of Accidents Caused by Pilot Error, Failed to Inspect Foreign-Purchased Aircraft for Southwest Airlines

In response to these findings, FAA carried out recommended corrective actions including robust training.

TSA and FAMS Welcome Youngest Officer

DJ's mission during his fight against cancer was to join 100 law enforcement agencies. Amazingly, he has surpassed that more than six times.

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