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Infrastructure Legislation Proposes Investment for Transportation, Emergency Management, Coast Guard and More

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has advanced legislation to invest nearly $60 billion to make America’s infrastructure more sustainable, resilient, and equitable, and to reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sector.

U.K. Launches Global Fund to Tackle Harmful Behavior Online

Innovators and tech experts will be given government funding to show the internet technology giants how they can better design their products and not increase the risk of their platform’s being a safe haven for child sexual abusers.

House Armed Services Committee Advances Funding for Coast Guard Shipyard

When the House Armed Services Committee completed its review of President Joe Biden’s $715 billion Pentagon budget proposal in a late-night earmark marathon, the...

World Bank Launches New Global Cybersecurity Fund

The World Bank has announced a new Cybersecurity Multi-Donor Trust Fund under the broader Digital Development Partnership (DDP) umbrella program. Digital transformation is accelerating in...

DOJ Announces Expansion of FTAP to Strengthen Community Response to Domestic Violence Incidents Involving Firearms

OVW will award an estimated $6 million for up to 12 sites and $4 million for training and technical assistance on firearms and domestic violence.

DHS S&T Selects Performers for Phase II Wildland Fire Sensor Research

Breeze Technologies UG of Hamburg, Germany, and N5 Sensors, Inc. of Rockville, Maryland, were selected following the evaluation of sensor performance during laboratory and field testing.

SBA Announces Opening of Paycheck Protection Program Direct Forgiveness Portal

In addition to the technology platform, the SBA is standing up a PPP customer service team to answer questions and directly assist borrowers with their forgiveness applications. 

Federal Government Awards Record-Breaking $145.7 Billion in Contracting to Small Businesses

The federal government also added almost a million jobs to the American economy through the $145.7 billion in prime contract dollars and $82.8 billion in subcontracts awarded to small businesses.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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