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Disinformation in Practice: Case Study Ukraine

As Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, Homeland Security Today Executive Editor Kristina Tanasichuk spoke with Maria Avdeeva, Founder and Research director of the...

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Cyber Hygiene Tips for Protecting Children and Families Online

Join HSToday to recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021! This week HSTodays Executive Editor, Kristina Tanasichuk, sat down for a conversation about how to keep...

Celebrating Women’s History Month with WHS and HSToday!

Happy International Women's Day! HSToday is thrilled to kick off our series of interviews hosted by Women in Homeland Security and Homeland Security Today.

Operationalizing #NeverForget: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As we reflect on the impacts of September 11th on our present and future, we at Homeland Security Today urge you to operationalize the pledge to never forget: To recognize the evolving and changing nature of the threats to our people and way of life, and to work to be part of the solution. To work to solve problems instead of creating more victims. To unite as Americans against those who wish to harm us. And, perhaps most importantly, to recognize that the consequences of just one successful attack are more than we are willing to tolerate.

HSToday Launches FREE Webinars for Homeland Security Information Sharing

The free briefings will be available for front-line government, law enforcement, first responders and others serving the homeland mission.

WATCH: Pro-Standing, Pro-Flag Veteran Ad Rejected by CBS for Airing During Super Bowl

Founded by CPT Tyler Merritt, a member of the Army's elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Nine Line's website describes itself as "Relentlessly Patriotic Since 2012."

Here’s How the Government Shutdown Affects the Department of Homeland Security

No sign of a negotiated solution that can get approval of 60 senators, the House of Representatives and president.

TSA Bracing for ‘Record-Breaking’ Crowds This Holiday Air Travel Season

The busiest travel days leading up to Thanksgiving are projected to be the Friday and Wednesday before the holiday, with 2.6 million passengers and crew expected.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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