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WATCH: Pro-Standing, Pro-Flag Veteran Ad Rejected by CBS for Airing During Super Bowl

Founded by CPT Tyler Merritt, a member of the Army's elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Nine Line's website describes itself as "Relentlessly Patriotic Since 2012."

Here’s How the Government Shutdown Affects the Department of Homeland Security

No sign of a negotiated solution that can get approval of 60 senators, the House of Representatives and president.

TSA Bracing for ‘Record-Breaking’ Crowds This Holiday Air Travel Season

The busiest travel days leading up to Thanksgiving are projected to be the Friday and Wednesday before the holiday, with 2.6 million passengers and crew expected.

iOS 11.4 Update Could Limit Law Enforcement Access

"To improve security, for a locked iOS device to communicate with USB accessories you must connect an accessory via lightning connector to the device while unlocked – or enter your device passcode while connected – at least once a week.”

GAO: Census Bureau is Behind Schedule With Technology for 2020

GAO also determined that the schedule for developing IT systems to support the 2018 End-to-End Test has experienced several delays that need to be addressed to keep the development on track.

PERSPECTIVE: HuffPost and Word-Count Critics Misunderstand FEMA’s Strategic Plan

The fact that climate change is not specifically called out as a cause for some of the epic natural disasters we have experienced over the past several years is not as important to this Strategic Plan as what this document tells us it is going to do to respond to those conditions.

DHS Releases Border Numbers as Illegal Crossings Triple Since Last April

The figures show that there have been over 50,000 illegal border crossings for two consecutive months, compared to just 15,716 in April 2017, which DHS described as underscoring the continuing security crisis along the Southwest border.

ODNI Releases Annual Transparency Report on Use of National Security Authorities

It found that there were 1,437 FISA Probable Cause Orders, down from 1,559 in 2016. Of these orders, 1,038 involved non-U.S. persons.
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