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How Terrorists Could Proceed with the Next Physical Attack on Energy Infrastructure

A propensity of ethno-nationalist groups to conduct EI attacks appeared to increase over time in comparison to other ideologies.

Governors Ask for Federal Help to Fight Huge Wildfires, Warn of Fuel Shortage Impacts

Biden acknowledges impact of "nationwide challenges of pandemic-related supply-chain disruptions" and COVID on wildfires.

Federal Employees, On-Site Contractors Now Required to Show COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Biden "is further directing his team to take steps to apply similar standards to all federal contractors," White House said.

CISA, NIST to Develop Cybersecurity Goals for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems

Biden also formally established the voluntary public-private partnership Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Initiative.

LaJoye: TSA Recruitment, Detection Efforts ‘Already Paying Dividends’ in Challenging Era

Acting administrator said daily airport passenger volumes are finally nearing, and occasionally exceeding, pre-pandemic levels.

Leading with Character: The Three I’s of Leadership

A Coast Guard member emphatically stated to Mayorkas, “Mr. Secretary, we revere Admiral Ray.”

CWMD Office Looks to Enhance CBRN and Food Security Programs, Expand Outreach

"I feel like we've been in a full-scale exercise over the past year" as COVID slammed meatpacking industry, director says.

U.S. Unveils Insights on China’s ‘Aggressive’ Cyber Ops, Assesses Blame for Microsoft Hack

Hackers "on the MSS payroll" made "a large ransom request made to an American company," senior administration official said.
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