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ICE Removes Rwandan Citizen Wanted for Genocide, War Crimes

Established in 2009, ICE’s Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center furthers ICE’s efforts to identify, locate and prosecute human rights abusers.

Biden Sets FY 2022 Refugee Admissions at Up to 125,000

The secretary of State is further authorized to transfer unused admissions allocated to a particular region to one or more other regions.

ICE Adds Additional Languages to Online Appointment Scheduler

Noncitizens can create an appointment online using information found on their I-385 form, thus eliminating the need to wait on the phone or travel.

Mayorkas Announces New Immigration Enforcement Priorities

Guidelines require an assessment of the individual and the totality of the facts and circumstances to ensure resources are focused most effectively on those who pose a threat.

U.S. Returns Stolen Ancient Artifacts to Iraq in Repatriation Ceremony

An antiquities dealer sold the Gilgamesh Dream Tablet with a false provenance letter that stated the tablet had been among miscellaneous ancient bronze fragments purchased in a 1981 auction.

HSI Phoenix Partners with City of Scottsdale to Train Employees on Spotting, Identifying Human Trafficking

Tourism is a huge industry in Scottsdale. Special events attract millions of visitors every year. Unfortunately, bad actors are also drawn to popular destinations to traffic victims.

DHS ATD Case Management Pilot Program: National Board Application Extended to October 8

The National Board will be responsible for awarding funds to eligible local governments and nonprofit organizations, and overseeing and managing the pilot program.   

DHS Outlines Strategy to Address Increase in Migrants in Del Rio

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is immediately implementing a new, comprehensive strategy to address the increase in migrant encounters in the Del Rio...
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