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Smiths Detection to Provide Tech for New European Multi-Member-State Security Initiative

The European Commission has launched jointly with security authorities in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain a protection trial, to offer the law-enforcement community an opportunity to experience different technologies and introduce the use of such technologies in different public areas.

Government Technology & Services Coalition Welcomes Strategic Advisors from DHS-HQ, USCG, TSA, ICE, USCIS & FEMA

"We are extremely pleased to add more expertise to our acquisition portfolios at ICE and USCIS, deeper understanding of Coast Guard requirements, and insights into the IT infrastructure modernization efforts across the Department of Homeland Security."

UK MoD Awards Iceni Labs Contract to Develop Human Detection Technology

Iceni Labs has been awarded a £248,400 contract under the UK Defence and Security Accelerator scheme to develop a pilot project for SafeScan, its handheld human presence detection system. Trials will begin this summer with the UK Ministry of Defence.

Boston Red Sox and IDEMIA Bring TSA Pre-check to Fans

As the first Major League Baseball team to collaborate with IDEMIA, the agreement allows fans with TSA Pre✓ to access Fenway Park via an IDEMIA Fast Pass™ lane. The lanes are exclusively for IDEMIA customers and is not a TSA Pre✓ security line.

Young People Use Cyber Skills to Win Northrop Grumman’s Challenge

Northrop Grumman Corporation has concluded the first year of CyberTaipan with the 2018-19 National Finals held in Canberra, Australia on March 16. Launched in June 2018, the competition is a fun way to spark youth interest in pursuing further education and careers in cybersecurity and other science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) subjects.

Innovator of the Year says Innovation is a Big Deal for SMEs and Large Enterprises

The Testbirds Device Cloud provides users with access to the devices needed for quality assurance process through virtual machines, emulators and real devices from real users.

DigiCert Labs Collaborates with Industry, Academia to Innovate New technologies that Address Emerging Threats

“In collaboration with leading researchers and industry leaders, we plan to gain data-based insights into solving some of the most pressing security challenges related to our core competencies of encryption, authentication, identity and data integrity.”

Smiths Detection Wins Contract With DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office 

The radiation portal monitor is a passive checkpoint which can detect potentially dangerous radiation emitting material which passes through its detection zone. The portal is capable of scanning trucks, vehicles, containers, packages and people.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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